Your IT consultants for IT strategy, organisation and software engineering

Sirius IT Solutions is your service provider for IT management and organisation, optimisation of IT processes, IT strategy, business analysis, conception and realisation. We support you in all phases of your project and have the experience to master even large or global IT projects with you. We use agile and classical methods in accordance with the skills of your employees and corporate culture. We support you with a broad portfolio of services that focus not only on technology and methodology, but also on the important management aspects of the IT world in general and digital transformation in particular. With our expertise, we help you to transform and reduce IT costs, and use proven know-how to implement new concepts in a meaningful way.

What our customers say about us

„Highly professional, technically competent, with worldwide experience, objective and rational, goal and result-oriented, rapidly acquiring complex contexts, pragmatic and efficient.

As a consultant, Sirius IT Solutions is a partner offering based on extensive expertise and comprehensive network fast and best possible consulting services. Alexandr Libertin’s style and methodology is always correct, respectful and reputable cooperation at eye level, so that, in addition to the constructive consulting services, the human factor in the teamwork can be rated as very pleasant.“

Marco Dierks – Operations President and Authorised signatory at CAP Flughafen München Sicherheits-GmbH / Civil Aviation Protection Munich Airport

„I can recommend Sirius IT Solutions GmbH under the leadership of Alexandr Libertin without a doubt. Sirius IT is highly committed to professionalism, reliability and accountability towards its customers and one benefits enormously from the experience of Alexandr Libertin. He loves what he does, you can certainly feel that.“

Michael Zaddach – Senior Vice President IT – Munich Airport

„Sirius IT Solutions GmbH comes in action for us when IT all-rounders are needed that also achieve 100% of the project goals in a professional and uncomplicated manner in an international environment. Our projects are always about speed, professionalism and absence of errors. If a project is critical, we are happy to rely on the support of Sirius IT Solutions GmbH – whether in solution or project management.“

Manfred Zötl – CEO of InfoGate Information Systems GmbH

„I can definitely recommend the cooperation with Sirius IT Solutions under the leadership of Alexandr Libertin. I have known Alexandr for over 20 years and worked with him in various functions and got to know him as an outstanding IT expert, excellent analyst and supportive colleague.  His solutions were always pragmatic, brilliantly simple and accurate. Alexandr has made a great contribution to the success of our projects.“

Claus Krummrey – Executive Partner at UOLconsult GmbH